Our Contributors and Mentors have worked as Senior Analysts in policy research, academia, advisory and private consulting. The Middle East Research Hub carries out fundraising activities, allowing them to work on topics that are left unexplored in the sector.


Associated Fellows

Young talents who participate to our mentorship and fellowship programmes have the opportunity to collaborate with Senior Analysts on a new range of research projects featured on our platforms. They also have the chance to develop joint grant proposals allowing them to secure funding for renewed partnerships. 

Public Engagement

Our fundraising activities support a broad range of research outputs designed for the large public. These include talks, blog posts, conferences, feature interviews and reports.  


The Middle East Research Hub offers insights and expertise on questions relating to health & education, climate, peace building, conflicts, transitional and informal politics, perspectives for entrepreneurship and civil society engagement.

Civil movement 

Civil society engagement 

Climate and Sustainability

Public health 

Civic education 





Political communication

Political economy

Informal economies 

Social movements

War economies 


Religious minorities

Foreign interference 


Youth representation 

Saudi/Qatar relations

Local governance